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Get to know Erskine on a personal campus visit

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You will register for a personal campus tour, schedule a meeting with a professor or coach, set up a financial aid consultation, and enjoy lunch on campus.

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Why visit?

Choosing a college can be tough. It’s not just about your next four years. It sets a course for your career and a foundation for how you approach life and decision-making.

The best way to know that Erskine is right for you is to experience it firsthand. And the best way to do that is a personalized campus visit or join us for an open house. We’ll show you around our beautiful campus, schedule personal conversations with professors and/or coaches in your areas of interests, set up a financial aid consultation, and tailor your visit to match your needs.

All the experts agree. A campus visit is the best tool for helping you make that decision.

From a recent applicant:
Erskine’s dedication to providing a Christian atmosphere and high academic standards are the reasons chose to apply to Erskine. The campus visit solidified my choice to apply to Erskine College. My parents and I were impressed at how Shawn Glover, Admissions Counselor, knew students by their names as he showed us around. The small class size, individual attention, and friendly atmosphere put my parents and me more at ease about making the transition from high school to college.