Prime Location

Erskine is located in Due West, South Carolina, on the same land where it was founded 175 years ago. While the tree-covered 90-acre campus and ornate red brick buildings provide historical ambience and peaceful places to study, it’s also packed with technological conveniences and exciting activity areas.

Many of the college’s faculty and staff live in Due West near the campus. It is not unusual for them to join students in recreation or invite students to their homes. Erskine makes an effort not to isolate students from the faculty and staff. Classes are held even in the administration building and everyone is invited to eat in the same dining hall. We believe this is important in the to enable lasting friendships.

The campus has an outdoor pavilion with swimming pool, covered picnic area, and volleyball court. With two auditoriums, an amphitheater, music hall, museum and gallery, and fitness center, Erskine provides ample opportunity for growth and recreation.

Safety Foremost

With an enrollment just under 600, Erskine students, faculty, and staff get to know each other well, giving a sense of family and helping to earn Erskine the ranking of safest campus in South Carolina and fifth safest among all colleges in the U.S. (Study by Due West is a low-crime area, and the college’s full time campus police are certified state law enforcement officers.

 Residential Life

The great majority of Erskine College students live on campus. We believe a residential campus fosters community and makes it easier for new students to adapt to college life. It is easier to get used to a new routine when there are other people around to guide you.

Erskine’s six beautiful historic residence halls, clustered into two residential areas, are comfortable and secure. Students live no more than two to a room with individual desks and closets.

All residence halls are equipped with high-speed wireless internet, as are the dining hall, library, and most other buildings, including our state-of-the-art science center.