Authentic Christian liberal arts

Erskine College provides all students with a solid liberal arts education to help them see how knowledge and faith are interconnected, understand the unity of human experience, and define their unique calling. We believe that part of an authentic Christian education is learning that knowledge never exists in a vacuum: to use the power of knowledge responsibly, a student must also learn wisdom.

Excellent Education

At Erskine, highly qualified professors, not teaching assistants, teach the classes. With a 12:1 student-faculty ratio and classes with fewer than 20 students, faculty members give students plenty of “face time.” They will get to know your son or daughter as a person and help your child excel both personally and academically, taking an interest in their growth as a whole person.

Personalized Education

Your child will find the right major at Erskine. Not only does Erskine offer 23 degree programs  across the arts and sciences, but faculty will work to handcraft a course of study to fit a student’s specific gifts and calling. For example, although there is no “pre-medical” or “pre-dentistry” major listed, many recent Erskine grads have gone to medical and dental schools.

Prepare for the Future

Many Erskine graduates go into careers such as law, medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry. Other graduates head into reputable graduate programs to prepare for a variety of careers. Nearly all who apply for advanced coursework are accepted into graduate and professional schools. Those who want to enter the workforce immediately have become business managers, fitness trainers, youth ministers, and teachers, to name just a few.

Opportunities to Travel

To help build a rich, diverse educational culture, Erskine offers a month-long January term (J-Term) to allow for concentrated experiences.  Students may engage in independent study, find “externships,” or travel. Semester-long opportunities to study abroad are available in Scotland, England, France, and Mexico.

Supplemental Instruction

Erskine students can take advantage of academic support through Supplemental Instruction (SI), an optional academic assistance program that uses peer-to-peer collaborative learning to reinforce course content and good study habits as well as help build friendships with classmates.